Production Departments


With our high-efficiency and quality based machines, we produce felts of the quality you want by performing mechanical needling up to six meters width. The raw materials as per our customer’s request can be used in producing the felt. For example, we can also prefer to produce with recycled material or premium raw materials. 


You can use our nonwovens products, which we produce with our state-of-the-art machinery, in the fields of medical cleaning and health. Our products are certified and we can produce them in the weight and measure as per your request. 


Our laser cutting function, which follows the latest technology, provides laser cutting services with 16 laser cutting machines of different sizes and power. 


Our woven elastic and cord manufacturing function has four cord and eight woven elastic machines. Tires and cords are produced in the desired length, size and variety. 

We can work on desired tires uo tp 10 cm in size. In our cord production, on the other hand, we can use recycled products if requested so, since we have sustainability compliance. 



We produce appliques in the requested size from cotton yarn with 3 embriodery machines in our structure. In addition, we can deliver the finished product in the requested color and feeling to our customers.