Footwear/Slipper Felt

For the Footwear / Slipper Sector, we serve our customers with our felt and wadding fiber products, which are produced from first-quality, never used polyester fibers or recycled fiber raw materials from first-quality plastic bottles. The quality and standards we can offer in our products are listed below:
  • Mold, bacteria, fungus does not occur
  • Harmless to human health
  • Natural and environment-firendly options
  • It does not harm human health and the environment
  • Antistatic
  • Strengthened with stitching
  • Air permeable, breathable
  • Suitable for all climatic conditions
  • Suitable for all kinds of washing and dry cleaning
  • Flame retardancy, long flaming time
  • Soft, voluminous, light
Product Type   Footwear / Slipper Felt
Thinness  1 mm – 6 mm / Special Production
Sizes  27 cm- 500 cm
Color All colors and tones