We are producing filtration materials (air and liquid filter like milk filter, oil filter etc.) whose raw materials are polyester and viscose fibers and produced by needling and chemical bonding.  

Technical Specifications:

  • Does not cause bacteria, mold and fungus
  • Does not harm people and the environment
  • Patterned and printed
  • Laminated and Coated
  • High Strength (with jute, interlining etc.)
  • Tough, durable, non-pressurable, flexible and high volume
  • Adaptable to severe weather/climate conditions
  • Increased comfort features

Areas Used:

  • Heating, Ventilation and Cooling units
  • Compressor Areas
  • Industrial Production Areas (spray paint, gas turbines etc.)
  • Used in Products of Houses and Buildings (vacuum cleaner, air conditioner etc.)
  • Automotive Filters
  • Industrial Filtration Systems (cement, sugar, metal industry etc.)
  • Filter Presses
  • Liquid Filtration Units in the form of Filter Bags